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Satellite Internet Service offers high speed internet services in remote locations, far from cable internet providers and DSL providers. If you need fast, reliable internet and live in a rural setting, this is the only option for internet access for a great multimedia internet experience.

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Wildblue Satellite Internet
Wildblue offers those that can't get broadband Internet from their phone or cable company an extremely fast and stable Internet connection with plans starting at $49.95 per month. Their speeds are up to 1.5Mbps for downloads and up to 256Kbps for uploads (which is actually close in reality to what some DSL users are getting). You get several free email addresses and will find that this is a great service for people in remote areas or just to use as a backup Internet service provider.

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Wildblue Satellite Internet

If you are still looking for other options for internet access, you can check out our pages for Broadband or Dialup ISP service.  Don’t forget we have ISP reviews, ISP ratings and discussions for finding the best internet service provider in your area. 

Please keep in mind that there are a few limitations with satellite internet. Most users will not be affected at all by these limitations for everyday internet use. There is a slight delay when the satellite signal is sent from the senders dish to the satellite and the beam is then sent to the ISP's terminal. This delay is called "ping" and although it lasts less than a second when a signal is sent, it can be enough of a delay to interrupt the smooth running of applications such as internet based phone service, instant video messaging and fast paced online gaming. Another complication with satellite internet is that the providers usually use what is called a "dynamic IP" address which many sites and applications use as an identifier of your computer while online. These addresses can change each time you access a page or application on the internet. If this is a problem for specialized applications, there are usually ways to work around this issue depending on your individual needs. Please contact the service providers to discuss the compatibility with your specific needs. As stated, most users will not be significantly affected by these limitations of satellite internet.

Each provider has created specific packages of service depending on your needs. The different packages may have different download and upload data speeds and they each have a cap on the amount of data allowed to be downloaded. Most people will not reach those caps, however please keep in mind that if you are used to a dial-up connection your internet use will probably increase with a faster connection.

10 Secrets to Ordering Satellite Internet Service

Satellite Internet Service isn't the fastest type of service, but it is often the only service available in many rural areas. There are providers, both large and small, who offer a plethora of service plans. Most plans come with 12-24 month commitments, so it is a must for consumers to shop carefully. Here are some inside tips to help make a good decision if satellite service is your best option.

  1. Compare – Except for certain remote locations there is usually some choice available when it comes to ordering satellite service. Consumers looking for the lowest prices should study various plans before signing any contracts.
  2. Location – Consumers must make sure they will be able to use the service they sign up for. Many providers offer free trials, with different types of equipment, before the customer needs to make a commitment.
  3. Promotions – Before signing anything inquire about any special promotions or coupons that may be available. Ask about upcoming deals; you may get the special price before the promotion officially begins.
  4. Specific Needs – When shopping for service take note if a provider insists that you sign up for things you don't need or want; only purchase what you will use. Also, check company policies if you wish to adjust your plan at any time.
  5. Tech Support – Some providers don't have 24/7 technical support, which is something to consider if you are unable to schedule your glitches during regular business hours.
  6. Bundling – You may be able to realize some savings if you are able to combine services under the umbrella of a single provider. Many people have their Internet, telephone and television plans in a single account, which can also simplify payments.
  7. Finders Fees – Some providers offer “finders fees” for those who steer customers their way. Stay in touch with family and friends who may also be considering satellite Internet.
  8. Service – Verify that service technicians are available in your area should there be a problem. If service goes down, it doesn't help if the nearest repairman is in the next state.
  9. Bandwidth – Make sure you are not comparing apples to oranges when shopping for a provider. Know how much bandwidth is included in a plan, and what charges are incurred if the bandwidth is exceeded.
  10. Contracts – While contracts do not involve any exchange of first-born-children it still pays to read the fine print; know the length of the contract, as well as if there are penalties for early termination of the agreement.

Follow up on just a few of these items and there is a good chance you will save some money, avoid a few headaches and end up with a much better overall experience.
5 Awesome Satellite Internet Providers

As an alternative to dial-up for customers in remote rural areas, the internet service of choice is satellite. Fortunately, there are some excellent options available for those of you who live out past where the buses run, as they say. Let''s examine five awesome choices in satellite internet providers.

  1. WildBlueA subdivision of ViaSat as of October 2009, WildBlue got its start five years earlier as an independent satellite ISP. It currently accounts for about 45% of that market in the U.S., largely due to its solid customer service and extensive network of authorized dealers. WildBlue offers several levels of residential and business service, up to 1.5Mbps download speed, which includes one year of F-Secure Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software, free of charge. For business customers, WildBlue offers their Enterprise Solutions which are tailored to fit the needs of your business, including faster speeds than the residential packages.
  2. HughesNetOriginally known as Hughes Electronics, this company has been around since 1971, and had been operating its satellite service under the name DirecPC until 2006. HughesNet offers 3 tiers of internet service, and download speeds up to 2.0Mbps with their Power 200 package. HughesNet is especially strong in the area of business solutions, for such businesses as gas station chains, restaurants, agriculture and utilities. For these applications, HughesNet offers speeds up to 5.0 Mbps.
  3. StarBandStarBand began in 2000 as a joint venture between EchoStar, Microsoft, and Gilat Satellite Networks, and is now owned by Spacenet. StarBand also offers three levels of service -Nova 500, Nova 1000, and Nova 1500, with download speeds up to 1.5Mbps. It's a bit pricier than WildBlue and HughesNet, but is designed to be a better performing service. StarBand also offers a suite of services through a partnership with Google that includes Google Docs and 7 Gig of email storage.
  4. SkyWayA unique feature of SkyWay is that they incorporate a nationwide dial-up service for uploading data, and as a backup to their satellite service which they claim guarantees its reliability. Then there's this from their website regarding customer service: Don't worry about being placed on hold forever or being connected to someone in India. SkyWay USA was founded by rural Americans and we believe you should get fast and courteous service from rural Americans. Plans start at $39.99/mo. with download speeds up to 1.5Mbps. Another unique feature is SkyWay's partnership with K12, an online academy providing learning curriculum for children from grades K-12.
  5. SkycastersWith a focus on business solutions, Skycasters is able to offer their customers the  ability to set up VPN's for their businesses. While other satellite internet services experience severe slowdowns in speed with VPN's, Skycasters makes use of specialized equipment known as the Bandit II, which alleviates this problem. Other business solutions include an array of mobile satellite internet equipment. Pricing is much steeper here since the clientele is larger businesses, but the packages are far more robust as well.
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