10 Blogs that LOVE to Bash Rush Limbaugh

On April 11, 2012, in in my area, by admin

When it comes to left-wing, liberal, blue state, Occupy-Whatever political discourse, there are few targets quite as satisfying as right-wing, conservative, red state, War-on-Whatever radio commentator Rush Limbaugh. His no-holds-barred anti-liberal vitriol just hits the spot, and there’s no shortage of places on the web where he’s routinely lambasted accordingly. The following is a list of ten blogs that love to bash Rush Limbaugh:

  1. Huffington PostA news aggregator founded by Arianna Huffington, with a liberal slant to its content. The Huffington Post makes frequent use of its pages to tell Rush what for. Rush hasn’t exactly been making it difficult for them lately.
  2. WonketteThis blog is part of an online magazine created by Ana Marie Cox, and dishes a left-leaning smorgasbord of political gossip and snark. The Rush menu is extensive, and tasty.
  3. Daily KosA self-described “news organization, community, and activist hub’, Daily Kos is the brainchild of Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, who serves as publisher and writer. As a liberal, progressive platform, Daily Kos has its share of pieces concerning Rush Limbaugh.
  4. Crooks and Liars – You don’t have to dig too far to dredge up some dirt on old Rush here at C&L.  Visitors can search categories such as Blue America, Occupy America, Newstalgia, and Video Cafe. Don’t miss William Shatner’s rendition of It Was a Very Good Year at Late Night Music Club.
  5. ThinkProgress – A non-partisan project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, ThinkProgress is intended to provide “a forum that advances progressive ideas and policies.” Find TP’s blogs about Limbaugh here.
  6. Oliver WillisBoston-based blogger Willis is a Democratic voice of considerable import. On his blog you will find a wide array of social and political fodder, not the least of which is the subject of our popular conservative lightning rod, Rush.
  7. Firedoglake.com- A progressive blog and news site with a very vocal online community. You can get some interesting discourse on all manner of political issues. Here is a sampling from the archives re: Rush Limbaugh.
  8. Democratic UndergroundIn their mission statement, Democratic Underground describes itself thusly: ”… an online community where politically liberal people can do their part to effect political and social change”. Check out some DU digs at Rush Limbaugh.
  9. Political Animal (Washington Monthly)Washington Monthly is actually a bimonthly (as of 2008), non-profit political magazine which was formed by Charles Peters way back in 1969. It takes a non-partisan approach, though it can be regarded as left of center in its ideology. As such, Limbaugh gets his share of ink.
  10. Classic LiberalPolitical leanings are a bit complicated – and verbose- so glean what you can from here. That being said, there’s a potpourri of political pot shots to peek at here, including our man Rush Limbaugh of course.

All ten of these sites love to bash Rush Limbaugh, and he frequently gives them plenty of ammunition to do it with. You can’t help but wonder who else they will bash when Rush retires from the political scene…


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