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Dialup internet service providers offer great value, easy set-up and internet access available in most US locations using your existing phone service. Long distance phone charges may apply for non-local access.  The list below has the best internet service prividers of affordable dialup services in your area.

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Coppernet Dialup ISP
CopperNET and have a long-standing, but separate relationship that has been a pure joy. Their customer service is absolutely amazing and has literally never let us or our customers down. If you need dial-up Internet for $4.97/Month and want to make sure you have all the access points you need as well as a rock solid connection, then we highly recommend that you use CopperNET as your primary or even backup ISP. No credit card is required to get started and they also don't make you sign a long-term contract. Coppernet Dialup ISP
Juno is a service that has evolved greatly over time. You might remember it as one of the first and greatest free email services. What you might be surprised to find out is how much they have increased their service offerings to provide what is an ever-improving level of quality and speed. They currently have Internet service starting at $7.95/month with unlimited service and bandwidth. They also offer a comprehensive email and virus protection that will help keep you safe and secure while you are online. Sign up today, it only takes a couple of minutes to get everything going. Juno
Basic ISP
Basic ISP is really anything but a basic dial up Internet provider. They offer 24x7 support and unlimited access and bandwidth! They have multiple plans with some starting at $8.95/month. With Basic ISP you also get anti-spam and anti-virus protection along with no banner ads, no termination fees, and no commitments or contracts. It works with all of these services as well (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, eBay, FaceBook, Twitter, and of course Google).

If you are looking for a dial up ISP that is simple, but fair then click below. Basic ISP
Turbo USA Internet Service
Turbo USA offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is proud to be a 100% American company (as you can tell by it's name). They offer an incredibly easy signup process that will have you up and surfing the Internet in minutes. If you ever do run into problems they offer 24x7 American technical support reps to help you get everything resolved quickly and effectively.

Try Turbo USA today for $8.95/month by clicking below. Turbo USA Internet Service
Why pay for Internet service at all when you can surf for FREE with NetZero. The free plan comes with 10 hours of use every month or you can pay a little bit more and get unlimited access. NetZero has one of the largest collection of local phone numbers available as well to make it really easy to connect from wherever you are in the U.S. You also get 2GB of free email storage when you sign up with NetZero along with spam, anti-virus, and pop-up blocking software.

NetZero Offers tons of great deals including free Internet service. NetZero

Looking for high speed internet services instead of dial up? Check out our pages for Broadband or Satellite ISP service. We also have ISP reviews, ISP ratings and discussions for many providers. Thank you for using MyISPFinder, the best directory for low cost ISPs!

10 Secrets to Ordering Dial Up Internet Service

As with any service, dial up internet is provided by several different companies. Each of these companies have their own service packages and benefits. It is important to compare the details of their services in order to get the best package for the best price.

  1. Second phone line -It is a requirement to have two phone lines for using dial up internet service, but you must realize that no one will be able to reach you by phone when your computer is connected to the internet. Even if you don't add an extra line right away, you may decide you need to in the future. Consider this additional cost when you are calculating the cost of dial up internet.
  2. Pricing – Make sure you look carefully at the terms when comparing pricing between providers. Some providers will offer a lower 'per month' rate, but require a prepaid contract. Others advertise 'hi-speed', but don't make it clear that you will have to pay extra for the hi-speed package. Some pricing includes free support, others do not.
  3. Email accounts – If you want to have multiple email address, such as one for each member of the family, you will want verify how many free email accounts are provided with your service. However, always remember that you can always use free online email accounts from Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, and these email addresses will remain with you, even if you change internet providers.
  4. Storage limits – Dialup providers have caps on the amount of data you can store. Sometimes these data caps are spread out over each email account and other times they encompass your entire account. Make sure you ask about these details when ordering.
  5. Payment options – Ask about what your options are for payment. Is a credit card required, or automatic withdrawal from a bank account? Are payments made monthly?
  6. Support – This is an area that can cost you much more than you expect with some providers. Some providers charge close to $2.00 per minute for support calls; others have one fee for each call, and some do actually provide free technical support as part of their package. Reliability is going to be part of the issue to consider here. How often are you likely to need help from their support team? Check on their support hours as well. Will you be able to reach them on the weekend or in the evening?
  7. Virus protection – Most dial up providers will provide virus protection for your incoming email, to some degree, but that doesn't protect your computer from viruses and spyware that are downloaded directly from the internet. Some providers will provide you with a free anti-virus software package, which has some real value beyond email.
  8. Hi-speed vs broadband – Don't confuse hi-speed dial up with hi-speed broadband connections. Hi-speed dial up is still going to be much slower than the very slowest broadband connection through cable, satellite or DSL.
  9. Special promotions – As with other services, dial up internet providers are often running special deals where you can receive extra services for free or reduced pricing for a certain time period. Look for these opportunities before making your selection.
  10. Customer feedback – Check for positive and negative feedback on the providers you are considering. Busy signals when trying to access the internet, dropped connections and poor support are three negative issues that you will want to avoid.

Educate yourself and be sure to get the opinions of others that have used the service before making the decision as to which dial up internet service provider to use.
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